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233 deviants said Page is working fine
43 deviants said Some little interruptions here and there
20 deviants said Page needs too long to load
12 deviants said Page won't load at all!

Devious Comments

Penguin-Enigma Apr 23, 2009
Seems to be working fine in Chrome, gallery chugs though =P
ZIM-TodesEngel Apr 20, 2009   Interface Designer
Noch einer der meint alles in Extra Ordner zu stecken :D was Bot freudig xD
The site is beautiful!!! and I'm downloading the wallpapers!
nope wait... when youre searching certain wallpapers. the wallpaper overlaps the download text
Best friggin art gallery I've ever seen.
Die Seite läuft sehr gut. Rein technisch alles ok, die Ladezeiten sind den Datenmengen angemessen und die Qualität Eurer Bilder spricht für sich selbst! Sehr sehr gelungen! :D

The site is working fine. Technically all ok, loading times are adequate to the amount of data and the quality of your pictures speaks for itself! Very well done! :D
The site works very well.
I accessed your site with a relatively low bandwidth connection about 500 kbps according to > [link]
Page loads very well. Gallery pics take a bit too long for my tastes though.
za4em9 Apr 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also, I am temporarily on the island of Sint Maarten, and we have by far ths $#!ttiest internet in the world, and even dA sometimes refuses to load. Nonetheless, the site loaded fine, and delays were standard. Awesome!
Works just fine. Took a teensy bit longer to load than what I'm used to but once it loaded once, it was just fine.
...*bookmarks that page*
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